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Future Ticketing, a provider of high-performance cloud and digital ticketing solutions, is pleased to announce it is expanding its footprint into English rugby with the signing of multi-year ticketing partnership agreements with Jersey Reds and Coventry Rugby commencing with the new 2019-2020 season. 

The move into English rugby follows from Future Ticketing’s successful on-going partnership with Connacht Rugby, one of Ireland’s four professional provincial rugby teams. Jersey Reds and Coventry both play in the RFU Championship in England. 

Commenting, Liam Holton, CEO of Future Ticketing, said: “Future Ticketing has partnered very successfully with Connacht Rugby in Ireland, helping the club to achieve a range of goals to build a cutting-edge ticketing system. This relationship gives us a great platform to expand further into the UK and so we are delighted that Jersey Reds and Coventry Rugby have agreed to use our market leading software. We have found both clubs to be focused on innovation for the purpose of offering their supporters a best in class service. They want to put their fans at the centre of their plans across the customer journey from booking seats to having a great match-day experience at the stadia.”

Jersey Reds plays at the Stade Santander International arena with a capacity of 4,000. Coventry Rugby plays at the Butts Park Arena, which has capacity for approximately 4,000 people, 3,000 of which are seated. 

Future Ticketing will make its debut as the software provider for both teams on 12 October 2019, when as fate would have it, Jersey Reds hosts Coventry in the first match of the 2019 – 2020 RFU Championship.  The two teams meet again on the final day of the Championship on 9 May 2020 when Coventry welcomes Jersey Reds. 

Commenting, Mark Morgan, Chairman Jersey Reds, said: “It is essential that we offer our supporters mobile ticketing and we are really pleased to team up with Future Ticketing, who not only offer sophisticated software but also bring expertise and understanding of digital ticketing from rugby, football and horseracing. Through this partnership, we hope to benefit from the many insights they have developed across multiple sports and visitor attractions.” 

Commenting, Pete Brown, Managing Director of Coventry Rugby, said: “We are delighted to partner with Future Ticketing. Our priority is to bring Coventry Rugby in line with the best practice in sport. In particular, we were seeking the most efficient barcoded ticketing and scanning system, online ticket booking, allocated seating, print-at-home tickets, and mobile ticketing on phones to beat match-day queues which have been commonplace at Butts Park Arena.”

Future Ticketing is a leading provider of digital ticketing solutions to a range of sports events and venues in Ireland and the UK including equestrian, outdoor events, racecourses, soccer and swimming. It is also the ticketing partner to a host of visitor attractions including the world famous The Book of Kells visitor experience at Trinity College Dublin.

For more information on Future Ticketing, please visit www.futureticketing.ie or email info@futureticketing.ie.

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