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At Future Ticketing, our guiding philosophy is to be the best you can be. So it follows that we want to help our customers to be best in class. We do this by sharing our proven, best-in-class innovation and insights to help you increase ticket sales and through building long-term partnerships. 

Future Ticketing is different to other ticket companies because our software is designed to enable you to take control, accountability and transparency of your customer relationships and revenue streams. We work with you to develop your ticketing system through sales, data management and analytics via our proven open REST API, insights and integrations.

People are at the heart of our business and our success is built on market insight, relentless creativity and innovation, superior customer service and delivering actual tangible value. As a team, at Future Ticketing we reflect on personal accountability, integrity and a collective drive to achieve common goals. 

Future Ticketing has a proven track record of increasing your ticket sales by an average of 15% in year one, whilst helping you to migrate 50% of your tickets online – with all the attendant benefits. 

Come join us as we shake up the world of ticketing for events and venues. 

Future ticketing who we are

Our Mission

Future Ticketing was founded to change the way sports organisations approach ticketing. Our background is in sports and large scale events. We built our product from a deep understanding of the needs of event organisers and ticket purchasers so our driving philosophy has always been to create the closest possible bond between the ticket purchaser and the sports organisation. Our mission statement is:

“We empower organisations to put the supporter at the centre of every aspect of the ticketing process”

Who we are

Future Ticketing Ltd is a supplier of ticketing software services, capacity and data management, and access control systems to the sports, events and venues markets. Since launching in 2014, Future Ticketing has grown exponentially and currently manages systems for 300 Irish and UK clients selling tickets in over 150 countries worldwide. 

Based in Tullamore, Co Offaly, our UK office in Gloucestershire will be replaced in 2021 by a larger office in Manchester. Future Ticketing currently employs a highly professional team of 14 full-time and 18 part-time ticketing experts. 

Future Ticketing was founded by Irish entrepreneurs Liam Holton and Mark Cotter and is supported by Irish investment from Enterprise Ireland and TDL Media. The Future Ticketing board is chaired by experienced business leader Shaun Quinn. 

Who we work with

Future Ticketing has over 300 customers across sports organisations, visitor attractions, events and venues. 

We began life at Punchestown Racecourse, which attracts over 120,000 patrons to its annual festival. Consequently,  the Future Ticketing system has been very quickly adopted by Ireland’s major commercial racecourses including the Curragh, Galway, Gowran Park, Limerick, Listowel, and Punchestown. In the UK, Future Ticketing is used by a growing number of independent racecourses including Beverley, Newton Abbot and Ripon.

Future Ticketing has also built a very strong reputation in Football across the island of Ireland, where it is currently used by the top eight clubs in the League of Ireland and 6 clubs in Northern Ireland. In 2019, we expanded into the UK, and where we work with two Scottish Premiership clubs and the top clubs in the Scottish Championship and English Conference. The Future Ticketing system has been used for Champions League, Europa League, Scottish Premiership matches, prestige friendlies and for games involving Chelsea, Glasgow Celtic and Rangers, Newcastle, Burnley and Quarabag FC. 

Future Ticketing is the market leader in ticketing for Ice Hockey in the UK. We also work with several Rugby Clubs including Connacht Rugby, Coventry, Jersey Reds and Swinton Lions. 

Our modular easy to use cloud-based GDPR friendly system has also become the system of choice for centrally managed Irish sports organisations including Basketball Ireland, Cricket Ireland, Gymnastics Ireland, Hockey Ireland, Swim Ireland and The Federation of Irish Sport. The ability to effectively manage large volumes at outdoor sites with limited infrastructure has helped Future Ticketing become the leading Irish provider to major outdoor shows including the Balmoral Show, the National Ploughing Championships and the Tullamore Show, in addition to multiple shows in the UK. 

We are the ticketing provider to a range of other events and venues including AVEA, Birr Castle, Dunbrody Famine Ship, Irish Museum of Modern Art, National Aquatic Centre, Museum of Style Icons, Skerries Mills and Virgin Media.

What we do

Future Ticketing is different to other ticketing companies, offering a new way for events and venues to take control of their ticketing sales. We provide a full end-to-end ticketing and venue management service in the form of our user-friendly, high performance, cloud-based digital box office, multi-channel tickets sales, EPOS, capacity management and robust access control system that transforms traditional ticketing processes and enables digitalisation. 

Our modular architecture enables us to customise and brand solutions to individual clients, while our cloud-based infrastructure delivers security, GDPR compliance, capacity and scale. Future Ticketing’s success to date lies in its highly flexible, agile and adaptable product offering that gives clients the additional benefits of easy installation, branded promotion, and best practice on GDPR compliant client ownership of generated data. 

Future Ticketing’s best-in-class open REST API allows your ticketing system to integrate with partner EPOS, payment processing, access control, loyalty programmes, data analytics and sale channel systems to provide a fully integrated single view of the customer solutions to our clients. 

How we work with you

At Future Ticketing, we generate value for our customers by sharing innovation, driving revenue and building a continuously improving business partnership model. Our guiding philosophy is to enable our clients to have control, accountability and transparency around their customer relationships and revenue streams. 

Our people are at the core of our business strategy and our success is built on market insight, continual innovation, superior customer service and delivering real, tangible value.  As a team at Future Ticketing we reflect personal accountability, integrity and a collective drive to achieve common goals.

Ready to make the move?

Moving to a new ticketing system may seem daunting. We’ll take care of everything so don’t worry about that. Take a quick look at what’s involved with moving from your current system to Future Ticketing.