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As a marketing manager for an upcoming event, you’ve been tasked with achieving a specific revenue goal and getting a record number of attendees to the event. Regardless of whether it’s a football match, festival or visitor attraction; numbers will define your success.

Working with a ticketing partner who understands your goals will make all the difference. I’m sure there are a lot of things keeping you up at night, but here’s how a high-quality ticketing partner can help:

Branded Experience

Your role is to maintain and promote your event organisation’s brand. The brand is what your customer recognises, it has a relationship with your customer, and it differentiates you from competitors. You want to ensure that you can preserve your brand when it comes to selling tickets.

If your customer leaves your website to buy tickets, then you are losing that touchpoint with them. Cart abandonment is higher when a customer needs to leave your site because they lose trust. It creates uncertainty. You need to ensure that your brand is reflected throughout the whole customer journey.

Your brand is important to you, so it is important to us. With Future Ticketing, your customer remains on your website. Build a branded ticketing experience to keep you close to your customers.

Customers journey

As a marketer, you understand the customer’s journey from start to finish. You have done everything to get them to start taking the steps towards being a customer. Consider how many steps a customer needs to take before they can purchase their tickets, how simple is their journey? The more steps, the higher the chance of your customer giving up.

We’ve created a platform to reduce the number of steps a customer needs to take. We enable your customer to purchase tickets in four easy steps, helping you achieve record conversion rates.

You own your data

Imagine spending weeks on marketing campaigns, analytics, pixel tracking to lose the customer data through your ticketing platform. When you use Future Ticketing, you are the data controller, that means the relationship that you have built up with your customer remains yours. 

Social selling

With so many of us glued to our phones all day, leveraging the power of social media can help boost sales. As great as it is to increase following, improve engagement rates and impressions; it’s turning likes to sales that make the difference.

Future Ticketing enables you to sell directly from your Facebook page and partner websites. You can leverage the power of your social media and event partners to sell more tickets.

To find out more about how Future Ticketing can solve these challenges and our other marketing benefits, contact us here.

Ready to make the move to Future Ticketing?

We know that moving to a new ticketing system may seem daunting! We aim to make the process as simple, quick and easy as possible and we are there to support you every step of the way. If you are interested in finding out about all the ways that Future Ticketing can help you increase sales and revenue, click the link below and we'll be in touch.