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Future Ticketing software can provide your organisation with a very wide range of features to support your business needs, various elements of this functionality have suddenly increased in significance and importance on the back of the CV-19 i.e. functionality which can support organisations and clubs in providing a safe environment for staff, participants and members alike on re-opening and return to play, some examples of this functionality are as follows;

How Future Ticketing can work for your organisation:

  • Online Bookings – encourage online sales & registration, to eliminate cash, eliminate ‘pdf’ entry forms, reduce and eliminate queues by providing fast-track entry on pre-booked tickets.
  • Timed Entries – organise your day and events into specific time slots, as required.
  • Capacity Management – set capacity limits appropriate to your event, activity or training course .
  • Scan in & Scan out – gives you a running total on the no. of members/people on site at any given time.
  • Temperature Scanning – use a scanner to scan barcodes in, but you can also check/read temperature of ticket holders/participants on entry and again on exit if required.
  • Complete Data Records – you have a complete record, incl. temperature of all who have been on site i.e. to support contact tracing.

Please call us today so we can support your organisation through these challenging times.

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