Future Ticketing

Advantages of using Future Ticketing

We know how difficult it can be to run an event, and we know how important your ticketing platform is to its success. So we developed a platform that is packed with benefits to help transform your events.


24 Hour Support
We know that when you work in the events industry, work isn’t 9-5. That’s why our support desk is open 24/7 to all our staff members meaning your query is dealt with by the best person in our team, and it’s FREE. 

Easy to use Administration System
Using Future Ticketing is as simple as turning on your computer. Enjoy our easy to use platform which reduces administration and saves time.

Achieve new levels of brand management, diversity of sales channels and data transparency through our open REST API.

Reporting suite

Would you like information at your fingertips? Our dashboard gives you an instant picture of your ticketing sales with our easy to read graphics and live data on sales, revenues and redemption.

Mobile Scanners can operate on 3G, 4G or WiFi

External barcodes from other programmes or platforms can be uploaded onto your Future Ticketing dashboard and scanned using Future Ticketing Mobile scanners.  

Our experienced access control manager can attend your event to offer guidance and assistance on how to manage your customers. We will also provide a feedback and recommendation document so you can improve your process for each of your events. 

Value for Money

Why pay more for less? Future Ticketing offers you and your customer the best value on pricing and performance.

Choose your own payment partner

Do you want monies from ticket sales to flow directly to your bank account? We integrate with Realex, SagePay, Stripe and WorldNet, or you can use Future Ticketing Payments.

EPOS Integration

Future Ticketing integrates with leading EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems, allowing you to take card or cash payments on-site, while still managing capacities and reporting all in one place.

The best conversion rates on the market

Are you maximising sales? We enable your customers to purchase tickets in four simple steps, helping you to achieve best-in-class conversion rates.


Brand experience & brand identity
Your brand is important to you so it is important to us. With Future Ticketing, your customer remains on your website. Build a branded ticketing experience and get closer to your customers.

Keep your customer at the centre of your ticketing system by using our inbuilt CRM system to strengthen your customer relationships. 

Full Analytics
It pays to know what is happening in your business. Our sophisticated embedded code integrates with Google and other analytics tools to provide analysis, helps you track marketing and drives better conversion rates.

Facebook and Affiliate Sales Channels

Are you converting Facebook Likes to sales? Future Ticketing enables you sell directly from your Facebook page and from partner websites.

Customer Database

All of your customer data and information is stored in your own database, where only you can access it.

Analyse your customer database using our integrations with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics, Activity Stream plus many more. 

Other products

Maximise sales by cross-selling to your customers. Generate additional revenues by selling merchandise, food and beverages, memberships and vouchers on our integrated platform. 

Best conversion rates

Your customers can purchase tickets in four simple steps, helping you to achieve best-in-class conversion rates.

Event Management

Mobile Ticketing
Future Ticketing is designed as a mobile first solution so your customers can buy tickets easily over the phone.

Gift Vouchers
Upsell your events by selling gift vouchers through your dashboard which customers can use against tickets for any of your race meetings or packages – generating additional revenues and enticing more purchases by gifting seasonal gifts.

Barcodes scan once

Our barcodes can only scan once, so if a ticket is presented for scanning twice it will prompt the staff member and identify where the last scan was attempted and by which scanner. In our report section of the dashboard you can locate the order and also view tickets with multiple scans, the location of the attempt scans and the time and date. 

Our mobile scanners can be named or given locations, meaning you can see which turnstiles or gates are the busiest or may need additional support. Along with this our mobile scanners can link to particular products. For example, general admission tickets will be rejected by the scanner at the VIP entrance. 

Access Control Capabilities

Ready steady go. Ease of entry makes for a happy customer. We offer a range of options for events and venues who have from 100 to over 100,000 customers including locations where there is little or no internet / 3G connectivity.


Seating plans

We enable you to produce completely bespoke seating plans to suit any configuration of your venue. Manage capacities on stand and seated areas with seating plans.

Special Offers & Discounts

Benefit from the flexibility of Future Ticketing’s platform. Drive sales from your dashboard by running promotions and offers. Reward loyal customers and dispense vouchers. Full multi-day options for festivals.

Donation Option

Help your favourite charity by giving your customers the option of making a donation with no royalty fee.

Security & Compliance

Is your ticketing safe? We provide each of our customers with their own private proprietary database. Our top level security system is managed through AWS, is SSL Grade A certified and PCI compliant.

Future Ticketing was built with GDPR in mind so all your information is automatically stored fully compliant with GDPR.

Data Controller
With Future Ticketing, you own the data. You are the data controller of all the data your customers entrust to you – unlike other ticketing providers.

Continuous development
Continuous development is a core value of Future Ticketing. We continually develop new features which you can download for free.

Ready to make the move?

Moving to a new ticketing system may seem daunting. We’ll take care of everything so don’t worry about that. Take a quick look at what’s involved with moving from your current system to Future Ticketing.