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Boswell Book Festival

“We had been looking for a box office service that could cater for both an efficient online service and allow us to continue with telephone sales as we attract an audience of a wide age range some of whom rely on being able to order tickets by phone. After our move to Future Ticketing, many clients commented on the ease of ticket purchase and we appreciated the customer support and the day to day cash flow and sales information available through the system.”

Daphne Parlour, Operations Manager – Boswell Book Festival

The Boswell Book Festival is a weekend literature festival which takes place in Dumfries House, Ayrshire in May each year. When The Boswell Book Festival came onboard with Future Ticketing, there were some concerns about moving to a new system and migrating the audience to predominantly online ticket sales.

Future Ticketing worked with the Boswell Book Festival team to provide an online ticketing platform embedded into their website, access to the call centre for customers who were unable to purchase online tickets or did not feel comfortable in doing so and also provided fulfillment of tickets that were selected as post options for customers without email.

in the first year with Future Ticketing there was an uptake of 70% of ticket sales online. It was important to keep the customer journey easy with Future Ticketing’s four step ticket process. 

Alongside this, The Boswell Book Festival also ran an exclusive offer for customers who opted in for their mailing list in advance of the event with a priority window for customers through the call centre.

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