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Galway Races

The legendary Galway Racecourse plays host to 13 race days annually including the Galway Races Summer Festival which is internationally recognised as one of the greatest race meetings in the world. Known locally as “Race Week” the festival draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over Ireland and worldwide. One of the world’s most loved racecourses Galway is celebrated for its incredible atmosphere and the management team and race committee continually strides to offer the race goer a wonderful memorable race day experience. The 2019 Galway Races Summer Festival attracted over 140,000 people across seven days made up of avid horse racing fans, those there for the colourful social occasion, families enjoying a day out, sports and social clubs, Irish and overseas tourists, plus ladies and gents attending to enjoy the stunning fashion on offer.

In 2016, as part of its continuous process improvement approach Galway Racecourse sought a new state of the art, flexible digital ticketing system capable of fulfilling a range of demands including a solution that could enable digital sales, increase revenue from mobile, facilitate detailed reporting and ensure quick access for large attendances at multiple locations around the racetrack. After an extensive process Future Ticketing was chosen as Galway Racecourse’s ticketing software partner. From the beginning Future Ticketing provided a customised UX (user experience) and branded solution for Galway that enabled digital ticket purchase in four easy steps, facilitated flexible ticketing for multi-day festivals and provided seamless management access control at a speed of up to 60 entries per second.

In addition, management had full control to change products and events instantly, monitor sales and access control in real time. Importantly, Future Ticketing enables data capture for analytics and because Galway has a proprietary right to the data it has been able to build an extremely valuable database suitable for analytics and to develop a personalised branded relationship with its clients via ticketing.

Future Ticketing’s unique embed code with its customisable CSS style sheet allows Galway and their web design company Armour to design a customised best in class ticketing purchase flow which maximises conversion rates and brand experience. Along with the Future Ticketing open API documentation the Future Ticketing customisable style sheet allows Galway to create a proprietary branded customer journey guaranteeing excellent customer conversion rates which are tracked and adjusted to maximise return on marketing spend.  

On an annual basis Galway hosts approximately 13 race days per annum with a huge variety of ticket types spread across general admission, social and sports clubs, bundled packages, boxholders, stakeholders, sponsors and corporate hospitality. Ticketing propositions vary considerably across multiple days and meetings with an entirely different set of requirements for the world famous Galway Ladies day compared to the September race days. Future Ticketing works with Galway Races to ensure a smooth and quick entry for patrons which also includes specific entry at specific turnstiles. 

The Future Ticketing open API has a full deep integration on the Galway website designed to meet Galway’s exacting brand requirements. Amongst the other integrations currently available to Galway which include Two Circles as a data warehouse and analytics partner, Rewards4Racing as a loyalty and rewards programme partner, AIB Clover as a potential EPOS partner, Sage Pay as a payments partner and  Advanced Access as an potential access control partner and Tixserve for ticket tracking. In addition the current suite of over 30 API integration partners include multiple specialist payments, access control solutions, analytics and CRM partners a list of the API partners currently available.

Working with Future Ticketing the Galway racecourse team has been particularly successful in converting new younger customers and families to major race meetings. Excellent examples include Galway Festival Friday and the “Mega” family day which has consistently grown through innovative digital marketing and the use of Future Ticketing’s digital ticketing capacity. On race days The Future Ticketing reporting system allows Galway management to view complete live redemption data directly on their mobile devices, this live information allows for efficient and effective management of staffing, hospitality facilities, restaurants and bars. Live data can also be available if required, to statutory authorities to improve traffic management, safety and security helping to reduce third party costs. The complete detailed redemption data is also analysed post event to understand in granular detail ticket usage across members, sponsors, stakeholder, hospitality and public attendees. 

Utilising the functionality available form Future Ticketing Galway has been able to grow and retain its social and club group bookings in a very competitive environment.  The flexible Future Ticketing group booking function allows for variable pricing and bundled packages including options which include optional food, drink and betting vouchers and has attracted numerous new groups and companies to the Galway Races experience.  

Galway also benefits from the additional functionality built in collaboration with other clients  and rolled out in each new version of Future Ticketing. Galway are currently utilising Future Ticketing V13 which is the most feature rich version of our software and was rolled out to Galway Racecourse this year.  

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