Future Ticketing

Keilidh MUA Masterclass UK and Ireland

“Future Ticketing was the perfect option for our recent masterclass series, as these events were located around the country and in the UK, we needed a flexible ticketing platform. For us, having access to the ticket revenue immediately was a huge advantage to plan and work on our events. Future Ticketing also allowed Social Media Elite to create a colourful and creative customer journey like our client Keilidh Cashell. Due to the intimate nature of our selected venues, we had limited capacity for VIP and Standard tickets and Future Ticketing ensured none of our venues were overbooked. In Ireland we sold out multiple venues and sold 57% of the available tickets in the first 24 hours, similarly for the UK shows we sold 39% of tickets in first 24 hours.”

Conor Cochrane, Icon Management



The team at Icon Management set out to sell tickets for multiple venues across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK for Youtube and Make-up Star Keilidh Cashell.


Icon Management utilised a styled customer journey to match Keilidh’s brand along with selling VIP and general admission tickets.


On the day of the event, the scanning staff were promoted through the scanner to direct VIP ticket holders to the VIP area and provide their goody bags and general admission ticket holders to their seats.

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