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National Aquatic Centre

“We’re delighted we chose Future Ticketing as our online ticket platform for the 2018 World Para-Swimming Allianz European Championships. The flexible and straightforward solution met our event needs and helped us surpass our ticketing revenue target. With professional and friendly service support provided speedily before, during and after the championships, we would fully recommend Future Ticketing.”

Patrick Haslett, Commercial Director of The World Para Swimming European Championships

The National Aquatic Centre, is one of the most innovative water parks in Europe, attracting 1.2 million visitors per annum, and with a host of exciting features ensures that there is lots of family fun and thrills for everyone. Similar to IMMA the attendance is a mix of regular visitors and attendees at special events.

The National Aquatic Centre also hosts many national and international sporting events including the hugely successful 2018 World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships.
In 2017 the National Aquatic Centre understood the requirement for a cloud based digital attraction management system. The National Aquatic Centre also sought to develop its understanding of customer activity and build a customer database. In choosing Future Ticketing The National Aquatic Centre sought a new flexible ticketing system capable of fulfilling a range of demands including a solution that could enable a single view of the customer. The system was also required to manage digital sales from all platforms including online, cash desk, mobile and group bookings manage capacities, eliminate fraud and facilitate quick access for large attendances at multiple locations around the racetrack.

Future Ticketing provided a customised and branded solution for the National Aquatic Centre and their partner events including the World Para Swimming European Championships. The overall implementation and maintenance of the National Aquatic Centre has involved 11 members of the Future Ticketing team.
In addition, the team has full control to change, add and delete products and events instantly, monitor sales and access control in real time. Importantly Future Ticketing enables data capture for analytics via ticketing in a GDPR compliant environment.
Since launching with The National Aquatic Centre in October 2017 the new Future Ticketing system has led to very significant growth in digital ticket sales and is contributing significantly to exceptional revenue growth at the National Aquatic Centre. In August 2018 Future Ticketing provided a complete ticketing management solution to the 40 participant nations in the World Para Swimming European Championships which let to significant increases in projected attendances.

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