Future Ticketing

Oakfield Park

“Future Ticketing makes The Santa Express event a very smooth process. Using time slots and capacities on time slots ensures everyone gets to visit Santa without having to wait or queue. The use of extra fields also allows parents to submit their child’s name in advance making that visit to Santa extra special. Oakfield Park is very appreciative of this system for pre-booking and reporting as it makes our lives a lot easier with 20,000 people coming through the gates.”

David Fisher, Estate Manager, Oakfield Park

Seasonal events, based around such themes as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, along with summer fairs and food events are becoming ever more popular with the public. The versatility of the Future Ticketing has lent itself to the efficient operation and growing attendances of many such events for new and existing clients. 

Oakfield Park also runs Valentines dinner slots, Oakfest; a three day music festival, The Creepers; Halloween event and annual and gold yearly passes through their Future Ticketing dashboard. 

In 2018, however, the Santa experience has taken on a new dimension – GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation are not words we might expect to associate with the man who lives in the North Pole but they are important words nevertheless.

For Santa hosts, compliance is paramount when dealing with high levels of data on adults and children. At Future Ticketing, our processes are fully GDPR compliant and ready to go. Our flexible technology enables to the minute time slot bookings which minimises queuing time for parents and their children. Parents can submit their child’s name or favorite movie in advance and allow Santa do the rest.

Along with The Santa Express, Future Ticketing has contributed to the success of Christmas and Seasonal events at Birr Castle, Enniscorthy Castle, Skerries Mills, Dunbrody Famine Ship, West County Hotel and Kennedy Pumpkin Patch to name a few.

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