Future Ticketing

Customer Support

Manage customer queries quick and easy locating orders by name, email address, order ID, barcode, additional information and so much more. 

Our email bounce table allows you to locate tickets that were not delivered due to incorrect email addresses or issues with their email account. 

Refund and cancel orders within the system to cleanly reconcile post event once using an integrated payment processor. 

Use the automatic email to send emails in advance and post event with details in relation to your event to help with access control and feedback on your event. 

Key features:

  • Easy to search and locate orders
  • Locate bounced emails for customers using email bounce table
  • Refund orders by ticket, order or event. 
  • Cancel single or multiple tickets. 
  • Take partial payments of large value orders. 
  • Resend etickets and edit details of each order live.
  • Editing of events and products update immediately

Ready to make the move?

Moving to a new ticketing system may seem daunting. We’ll take care of everything so don’t worry about that. Take a quick look at what’s involved with moving from your current system to Future Ticketing.