Future Ticketing

The Garden Shows

 “Our events are quite complex in that they run over multiple days, however the customer journey is easy to use and purchase tickets or our customers which is the most important thing for us as a company. Year on year we have seen our attendances grow along with our purchase rate online.”

Jane Sterck, Director of The Garden Shows 

The Garden Shows are a number of outdoor garden shows that operate in Loseley Park, Stansted Park and Firle Place. These shows operate over a number of days each year and across the UK with over 200 exhibitors. The Garden Show is a family run business that has been nurtured and cultivated and it is growing well in its own unique way.

Future Ticketing has worked with The Garden Shows to allow for online ticketing in advance of their event and also selling out some of their event days. The customer journey sits into each of the venues websites and allows for a beautiful design with event images of flowers at each show. Tickets are scanned upon entry for each day as tickets are not transferable from one day to another. 

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