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Point to Point UK

“We are still very much in the infancy of our relationship with Future Ticketing, but what I can say with assurance is that the platform/dashboard has been designed in a way that it is very easy to use, and we can self-teach most things quickly. The set up and support teams are fantastic and can quickly assist in solving any problems or queries. This gives us, the user, great confidence and peace of mind. Another great aspect is the number of reporting tools, which we have only just scratched the surface with. Options for data analysis are endless, but yet it is still quick and easy to find the stats we need.”

Adam Hurley, PR & Communications Executive, Point to Point UK

In 2020 The Point-to-Point Authority UK faced the challenges of having a fully accountable, transparent and GDPR compliant system to manage all aspects of registration and ticketing while meeting strict Covid 19 compliance regulations. In June 2020 Future Ticketing was chosen as the ideal partner to meet the exacting requirements of the association.

The Future Ticketing system has now allowed the association to successfully bring all stakeholder including owners, trainers, jockeys, spectators and crucially all 150  racecourses under the same umbrella. Following swift buy-in from all stakeholders, the association has appointed two of its members as primary users of the system who were able to centrally manage the set-up of all meetings across all racecourses saving the members thousands of hours of administration time and, ensuring full accountability and compliance. The Future Ticketing bespoke dashboard effectively allows the association to manage own events at multiple events entirely online, controlling, registration capacities at each venue, choosing what registration types apply to each event taking place and has also allowed them to transparently meet the many restrictions presented by Covid-19 this year. Each of the 110 venues is currently set out in physically separated zones and management can allocate which registered participant type has access to each zone with set capacity allocated to each zone based on regulated social distancing rules. All e-tickets and registration confirmations display each attendee’s name and full details, not just the purchaser details as provided at the check-out; this is captured via Future Ticketing’s GDPR-compliant data harvesting extra fields functionality.

The FT system has also facilitated The Point-to-Point Racing Authority UK to enhance its digital footprint by allowing sales and registration of events online on not only its own website but also on
each individual venue website and on sponsors and partner websites. The events, although currently restricted to attendances in the region of 1000 people per event, have nonetheless been among the most successful in The UK during the Covid crisis. Most events sell out well in advance of their event date and full data reports of all events, registration and ticket types and who is attending each event is available in real time to the event organisers and is processed under GDPR-compliance.

Point to Point is a form of amateur horse racing over fences which takes place at a variety of racecourses, it is particularly popular in the UK where it is seen as a great day out in the countryside where people come in their 100s of thousands to enjoy the sport and socialise. The UK point to point authority governs the sport and represents all Point-to-Point Racecourses across the UK. Races take place on a weekly basis from November to June across the ten regulatory regions with up to 150 Point to Point race meetings annually at various venues across the UK.

All horse owners, jockeys, trainers, spectators and stakeholders register prior to each event and each category of attendee is directed through the relevant UX flow to provide additional information required by the association and the statutory bodies. In addition to the data management, compliance and revenue accountability benefits The Point 2 Point Association have been able to create extra revenue streams such as annual National Pass online to each of its members which gives them full access to all events throughout the year.

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